The vast majority of affordable rental housing receives no government subsidy. Some communities are deploying resources to preserve these unsubsidized, low-cost rental properties. Much of the lower-cost rental stock is located in small properties. Local governments can partner with local financial institutions or act independently to provide owners of smaller rental properties with the skills and resources needed to renovate their properties and ensure that their units are affordable, safe and up-to-code.

Case Studies

Mom & Pop Program (Los Angeles)

The city of Los Angeles has used data from its award-winning rental inspection program to create a rehabilitation assistance program for the “mom and pop” owner-occupants of duplexes and fourplexes, who lack funds for repairs—many of whom are low-income seniors living on retirement benefits. The Mom & Pop Program provides low-cost deferred loans and grants for lead paint removal and exterior improvements, and a related program provides fully amortized three-percent rehabilitation loans to owners of smaller properties of up to 28 units occupied by low-income tenants.

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