As part of the city’s 2014 plan for the San Pablo Corridor, the city of El Cerrito adopted a zoning code that generally eliminated parking minimums and instead imposed parking maximums. The code differentiates between mid-intensity and high-intensity transit-oriented developments. Mid-intensity projects are allowed up to 1.5 parking spaces per unit, while high-intensity projects are allowed a maximum of 1.0 space per unit.

While there is technically no minimum parking requirement, developers wishing to include a ratio of between 0 and 1.0 (mid-intensity) or 0 and 0.5 (high-intensity) spaces per unit may be required to submit a parking study to provide a detailed analysis of the parking needs for the project and propose transportation demand management techniques to meet demand without additional parking.

In addition to the city’s relaxed parking requirements, the city runs a fee-in-lieu program. This allows developers to pay a fee to the city rather than build the required parking on-site and adds another degree of flexibility for transit-oriented and infill housing developments.

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