Since the late 1980s, Montgomery County has developed a comprehensive county land inventory and facilitated mixed-income housing on multiple county land holdings.

To maximize its opportunities for using public land to help address local affordable housing needs, the County Executive and the County Council have endorsed a strategy in which, whenever possible, affordable housing will be included in the development of county land. All capital improvement projects or county agency plans to redevelop or dispose of county-owned land are required to assess the potential for affordable housing as part of the site’s redevelopment and to present this analysis to the County Council. (A similar assessment is required of the potential for child care facilities.)

Additionally, the County Council has passed legislation that expresses a preference for at least 30 percent affordable housing on public land. Proposals from county agencies for the redevelopment of county land that would involve less than 30 percent affordable housing are subject to greater scrutiny from the County Council.

Lastly, most county-owned land is owned by a single agency: the Department of General Services. A chief exception is school district property. Single ownership has aided in the compilation of a comprehensive inventory of county-owned land and ensured better coordination among agencies in its development.

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