As a result of litigation in 1990, the Inclusive Communities Project (ICP) offers a mobility assistance program to all Dallas Housing Authority voucher holders. As part of this comprehensive program, mobility counselors work with landlords to encourage and incentivize acceptance of vouchers. ICP offers a one-time bonus—usually equaling around one month’s rent—to landlords who agree to lease to a voucher holder.

ICP encourages open and efficient communication between landlords and the Dallas Housing Authority and often acts as a liaison in times of confusion or frustration. There are very few protections for voucher holders in Texas, and landlords, particularly those in areas where voucher holders have not traditionally lived, can be reluctant to participate in the program. Much of the resistance from landlords is a result of a lack of understanding of how the program works and what commitments are required from them. Assisting landlords with paperwork and informing them of their obligations makes the process easier and takes some of the anxiety out of participating in the program. While ICP has been successful in recruiting many small-scale landlords that originally resisted the program, they are looking into innovative strategies to incentivize larger management companies in the region.

Since 2005, ICP’s program has assisted over 3,000 families with vouchers from the Dallas Housing Authority. ICP’s 2013 evaluation of the program found that, when compared to those that do not receive mobility assistance, black voucher holders receiving mobility assistance had greater access to neighborhoods with more opportunity and were less likely to live in areas of high distress.

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